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There are many types of pressure washers now. Different pressure washers clean with cold water, some clean with hot water, however, some pressure washers clean with steam. Pressure washers are available that have all three choices. So, which sort of pressure washer should someone buy?

imageWell, to begin with, if you have to get rid of very tough grease or stains, you need a steam pressure washer. This kind of pressure washer is much more effective when cleaning than a hot or cold one.

In the first place, you have to remember that pressure washers get their cleaning strength by spraying water with extremely high pressure on a specific surface, like a concrete wall, or a wooden patio deck. When using pressure washers, the higher the water pressure, the more powerful the cleaning force.

As for cleaning with pressure washers, the heat levels are a big part of establishing the cleaning power. The hotter the temperature of the water is, the better cleaning efficiency it has.

For instance, if you need to clean the grease and oil that leaked from your car onto the floor of the garage, a cold water pressure washer will require a lot of effort and after awhile, the grease will get hard and slippery. Usually the grease or oil will adhere to the concrete floor, which makes it more difficult to get off even using a pressure washer.

Otherwise, if you clean with a hot water or steam pressure washer, it will work very well to dissolve grease and dirt. Hot water pressure washers have the ability to heat up to 210 degrees Fahrenheit; however, steam pressure washers can produce very powerful steam to a maximum of 330 degrees Fahrenheit, so there isn't any doubt about which one is the best at cleaning.

Steam pressure washers are typically used for industrial and commercial reasons. They are frequently used for restaurant kitchen cleaning, areas in food facilities, for mall floors, and greasy factory equipment.

If using a steam pressure washer, be sure to keep the nozzle aimed close to the surface. Usually, with a cold water and hot water pressure washer, you must hold the nozzle a minimum of 14 inches away from the surface. However, when using a steam pressure washer, you should hold it closer at approximately 8 inches.

Finally, if you are in the market for a steam pressure washer, you may want to look at units that generate wet steam. An efficient cleaning that is more effective will be more certain.

Surely, you can see, steam pressure washers are excellent cleaning machines to use. If you are a restaurant owner or have a car fix up shop, you must have steam pressure washers, especially these turbulent times, for rapid and efficient sanitization purpose. Unimanix high-quality, industrial-grade wet or dry steam pressure washer models will be an excellent choice for any type of work you need.

Just remember to always follow the safety regulations found in your Unimanix instruction manual. Bearing this in mind, you can feel very confident that you can finish any cleaning job you need to do quickly and well.
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