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3 Answers

Living with autism is hard. A lot of the things that come easy for most people are difficult for someone like me. For example, I have a hard time knowing some of the social boundaries such as physical touch and when it becomes annoying for another person. Also, I don't often know what someone means when they tell a joke or play a prank on me. I tend to take it personal even when the other person had no intention of making it personal.
by Wizard (1.0k points)
To me, it's like conspiracy behind my back from everyone; like everyone knows I'm Autistic, but I didn't know that. Or it's like I'm an alien from another planet. When I was first grade, I was transferred to a Kindergarten class I took last year. And every time I attend in elementary school, I was transferred to a room with special needs students; like one has Down Syndrome, and another that's blind, and is in a wheelchair. I feel like I don't belong there, but others say I do. I feel I was shunned from every normal people.
by Apprentice (800 points)
To me, I'm normal and the rest of the world is insane. There are a lot of social nuances I don't understand. While I can understand some jokes, pranks against me are serious business, and they keep coming up with the excuse that it was a joke. I was diagnosed five years ago, and while it explains a lot, it doesn't help when I am teased, bullied, or harassed for no reason.
by Apprentice (550 points)
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