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Please share your story or specific experiences, joys and challenges of being the parent of an autistic child. We hope this will help to inspire, inform, support and uplift other families.
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.Please let us know your experience for answering on this site, ie. parent of autists, professional, I'm an Aspie, etc
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I'm a parent of an Aspie who wasn't diagnosed correctly until he was in his mid teens...  Up until then it was a really hard struggle!  People may hate diagnosis, but it is was a huge relief and blessing to know what we were up against.  Diagnosis don't define someone, it just gives those who love them a better path to start down so we aren't wandering in the dark and wasting resources.  We were so grateful for good Doctors who helped us and for the psyche eval that finally old us why our son was so unique.  Once we spoke his "language" life got better for all of us and our son is doing really well...
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